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The Zijlwijk School is a good primary school in the Merenwijk in Leiden and offers quality education for children from 4 to 12 years.The school consists of two locations that are more or less next to each other. The gym is located about 50 metres from the school and the petting zoo and library are within walking distance.In front of the school there is a large grass lawn where the children play and receive physical education on summer days.


Our school is an open Protestant Christian school. The Christian character is evident in the pleasant and positive atmosphere that we have at school and which we emanate in our interaction and care for each other.

Way of working

At our school we work according to the so-called curriculum-year-class system. This system is widely used in the Netherlands and means that every pupil completes a certain volume of learning material in one year. This course material is usually offered in a class setting, but in addition, instruction is given in smaller groups. We work with methods that assume three levels in a group. For pupils who have difficulty with the subject matter, the curriculum is adapted. The internal supervisor of our school guides the teacher in doing this. There are also pupils who need less material to achieve their learning goals and who benefit from enrichment material. In this way, the curriculum-year-class system has three levels: children who require a little more attention, average children and children who can do more than the average pupils.  


At the Zijlwijkschool we teach English from group 1 onwards. We use a method for this where pop music is the basis of all lessons. In the lessons, the theme of the song is used to teach students English, during which various topics are discussed.

Future-oriented skills

Children today grow up surrounded by many digital devices. As a school we need to respond to this. For this reason, we pay daily attention to the practical use and care of the various digital devices at school: the Chromebooks, the Snappet tablets, the ‘fixed’ computers in the classroom and the digital blackboard that hangs in every classroom. In addition – especially in the older groups – attention is paid to information processing, its presentation and the use of programmes that support it. A very important aspect here is ‘media wisdom’; values and norms in relation to the internet. This is regularly discussed and philosophised about.


You are very welcome for an introductory meeting or guided tour. Of course you can take your child with you to experience first hand the atmosphere during a visit to the Zijlwijkschool! Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Call: 071-523 34 24 or send an e-mail to: info@zijlwijkschool.nl

If the visit to the school pleases you, you can register your son or daughter via this provisional registration form.  



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